Tuesday, October 20, 2009

M + D Trip Recap

Thursday - Napa

vacation day for me / M + D only delayed 30 minutes / met up with Brooke in Napa / progressive dinner - wine at P&H, sliders & beers at Napa Valley Grille, venezuelan grilled cheese sandwiches on sweet cornbread at Pica Pica / more catching up

Friday - Napa

long walk through Napa / Randy impressed us in the Caldwell caves / Cheesecake Factory in Corte Madera / shopping / shopping / shopping / relaxed and enjoyed a few bubbles (and pinot) at Domaine Carneros / sat on the front porch and watched gypsy play / homemade spaghetti and meatballs

Saturday - San Francisco

yummy pumpkin bread / rescued Omar from work / exercised through the Marina and Palace of Fine Arts / UT pulls through for Omar / sandwiches from the corner store / girls doing what they do best - shopping and scoring some great deals (hello, new LV) / boys doing what they do best - football / M + D try our their chopstick skills / sushi for everyone / Bolt / Omar falls asleep 1st

Sunday - San Francisco

early morning church / breakfast burritos 'a la me / Omar drops us off in the Haight / walking tour through the Haight-Ashbury (think hippies and victorian homes lived in by rockstars back in the Summer of Love) / Omar picks us up in the Haight / Chicago syle pizza for the table / said our good-byes to Brooke / Fisherman's Warf / smelled the sea lions / saw the sea lions / breath-taking view of San Francisco / night Alcatraz tour

We had a great weekend!  Love you, Mom & Dad.  See  you in New York.

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  1. so jealous!
    love the pics.
    and i'm tres impressed w/ Mom and Dad's chopstick skills!!
    can't for the whole family together in NYC! (maybe then i'll make it onto your blog!)