Monday, February 20, 2012

Introducing Solids!

Yesterday Given had his first solids.  I think these pictures tell the story!  If not, watch this!  We will keep working on the cereal!  

Given also had a lime for the first time last week.  Check out our video here!

My birthday weekend...

...was awesome.  What did we do in Big Sur?  We ate, drank, hung out with the babe, and enjoyed some beautiful scenery!  

Friday night:  Cake and Wine!

Saturday:  Goodbye, San Francisco - Hello, Carmel / Given sleeps almost the whole way there - when he wakes up I transfer to the backseat and feed him as we approach our first destination - Baja Cantina (for a little Mexican food and margaritas)! / wine tasting at Bernardus / off on Highway 1 to our vacation rental in Big Sur / quite possible the best/fanciest meal at Ventana (children aren't really loved here, but we took Given anyway.  He slept in his carseat and didn't bother a soul!)

Sunday:  Breakfast / Pfeiffer Beach where it was so windy and quite chilly.  At this point Given wasn't feeling so great, so it wasn't the relaxing picnic on the beach trip; however, we got him out there for about 45 minutes and got our photo opportunities! / Instead of picnicking on the beach we headed back to our vacation rental and let Given nap while we enjoyed some bubbles and the beautiful view! / Once Given woke up it was time for some coffee at Big Sur Bakery AND then the whole purpose of the trip - Nepenthe.  Nepenthe did not let us down.  We were able to get a seat outside, under a heat lamp, and along the railing where we were able to view the ocean and the mountains.  Unfortunately the whales had already migrated two weeks earlier, so no whale spotting.  This restaurant has some of the most beautiful views.  We got there around 3:30 and stayed to see the sun set.  Thankfully we had wonderful waitresses that didn't mind us loitering (with a baby) over a cheese plate and a bottle of wine and then eventually dinner!  If you are ever in the area, you must go there!!!! / Afterwards we headed back to the rental and watched the Grammy's.  

Monday:  We had planned on hitting up the Monterey Aquarium on our way home, but Given still was a bit under the weather so we decided to head straight home and get ready for our week with Nana and Jeddi!  

Overall, it was a wonderful birthday weekend - maybe the best ever! A big thanks goes out to everyone for all the warm birthday wishes, birthday cards, and gifts!  I am one luck 31 year-old!

29th birthday pictures here!  I guess I just skipped the big 3-0!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We are back from Tahoe!  I only got this one picture with my iPhone since I really couldn't carry my camera while skiing!  Omar had a great time back on his board, I really enjoyed skiing again, but was quite rusty, and Given had a blast with aunt B & uncle R in the Tahoe Village!!  A big thanks to Justin (the lone skier pictured above) and Ryan for hosting us at their cabin!