Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lincoln 2 Months

Our little president is now 2 months!  At his two month appointment he weighed 12 lbs 15 oz, measured 23.5 inches long, and was diagnosed with baby eczema.

Lincoln is such a good eater.  At this point he is taking 6 ounces every 4 hours during the day and, if we get lucky, nothing at night!  Mr. Lincoln slept through the night for the first time at 7 weeks.  Unfortunately, he's not consistently sleeping through the night, but more like every fourth night.  I'll take what I can get!

During month two the boys have definitely become more interested in each other.  Given loves his little brother and announces his arrival at daycare every afternoon during pick-up.  He also loves to sing to him, give him his pacifier, and pat his head.  In turn, Lincoln loves the attention and is always smiling at Given.  Lincoln also follows Given with his eyes whenever he is in the room.  I hope they grow up being besties!  Check out the cute videos here and here.

Lincoln was baptized on March 8th at St. Vincent de Paul by Father Ken.  He wore the same baptismal gown that his Grandma Eoff wore, that I wore, that Given wore, and many of his Strube kin wore!  That gown is very special to us.

Also during month two, Mr. Given was potty trained.  He is doing such a good job and we are very proud of Big Brother!

I can't wait to see what is in store for month 3!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Month 1 Photos

Like I mentioned in my previous email, it has been a busy month one!

Here's Given meeting Lincoln at the hospital for the first time, and Lincoln all geared up for his trip home.  I can't believe how much he has already grown!

It's hard capturing both of my boys together, Given is quick, but here are a few that I squeaked in.  I have yet to attempt a formal shoot.  (Given is doing really well accepting Lincoln's arrival.  He is becoming more and more interested in Lincoln with every passing day.  Given calls him "Baby Lincoln".)

Grandma and Grandpa's visit was great.  Mom came out a week after Lincoln was born and Dad joined her shortly after.  It was so nice to have help those first few weeks.  Since Mom was on Texas time she took care of my early risers and let me and Omar sleep in!


 Nana and Jeddi visited as well.  The timing of their trip couldn't be more perfect, as they came right after I pulled a muscle in my back and Lincoln caught his first cold.  Now I had help getting Given out of the house for a few hours each morning while me and Lincoln recuperated.   

They even fit in a trip to the Exploratorium.  Given wanted his picture taken (very rare) with the below cat.  Hmmmm.....I wonder if he is going to be a cat lover?!

Omar and I both had our 33rd birthdays during month one!  We celebrated Omar's at home with Kara's cupcakes.  For my birthday we had sushi at Umami's.  It was pretty low-key, but we are planning on celebrating together once we all heal from our ailments.

 What did you say, Daddy?  Really?  That is so interesting!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mr. President

Lincoln Zane made his grand entrance into the world on January 13th!  He weighed in at 7 lbs 13 oz and was 21.5 inches long.

We sure have loved him being here, but this has been quite the interesting month!  Grandma Eoff came to help out. - Grandpa Eoff joined her a few days later. - Nana and Jeddi came to visit for a week. - Lincoln caught a cold on week 2. - Momma pulled a muscle in her back. - We've had many visits from our wonderful friends (bearing gifts and food). - Lincoln passed his cold on to me and Given.  - Celebrated two 33rd birthdays! PHEW!

Lincoln's one month appointment went really well.  He now weights 10 lbs 5 oz and is 22 inches long.

Lincoln is a very good eater!  He's been taking 4 oz of formula every 3 to 4 hours since he's been a week old.  At this point he definitely could take more, but the doctor thinks I should stay at 4 oz for now.  Poor thing is only a month old and already on a diet!!

I'm not really sure if Lincoln is a good sleeper.  Its hard to tell with the cold and all his congestion.  Poor thing has trouble breathing, so sleeping is kind of hard.  Thank goodness for our friends Emily and John who gave us their baby swing.  He loves that swing!  He also really just wants to be held while he sleeps...

Here are a couple of pictures I took of my one-month old baby!  I will post more picture from our crazy first month soon!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Times are a changin'!

Big changes are happening here in the Zennadi house!  Today is my last day of full-time employment!  Hopefully this will mean I will have more time to keep this blog up to date.  Please stay tuned!

Given's 18 month checkup was yesterday.  My big boy now weighs 25 lbs and he is 33.5 inches long.  And in case you were wondering, Given has now been walking for two months!  We are now running and playing soccer.  See for yourself:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

3 months?

How did I let this blog get away from me for 3 months?  Do you think I can catch you up, or should I just start with the most current news?!  Maybe I will try and get you all up to date!  At the very least, I should have Given's monthly pictures that I can post!

For the time being, I will leave you with a few instagrams as teasers!
We were in Texas!

Given not only crawls now, he stands too!  Thanks for working with him, Grandpa!
Oh wait, he dances too!  Check it out here.

Given now has 4 teeth and feeds himself (for the most part)!

We missed 3 days of school/daycare because someone wasn't feeling well.

Omar and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunny in San Francisco

Yes, we are alive, and although I'm super late in posting, I have been taking pictures!  For Given's 8 month birthday San Francisco decided to give us our first beach weather weekend! Going to the beach with an 8 month old wasn't nearly as fun as going sans children.  I thought it would be easier since Given isn't crawling yet, but I forgot to factor in that he puts everything into his mouth!!!!!!  I think our next beach trip will be several months from now!

And just because...Given's new favorite activity - taking every single toy out of his basket.  We haven't gotten to the stage of him putting everything back though!

Given's milestone in April was getting his 2nd tooth!!  The 2nd tooth came in much easier than the 1st - thank goodness.  He isn't crawling yet, but he's getting there.  Also, during April Given started saying Dada (first) and Mama.  We aren't quite sure if it's babble or if he is addressing us!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Some bunny loves you!

We had a great Easter weekend!  Saturday Omar and I had our first night away from Given while he stayed with Aunt Brooke and Uncle Randy in Napa.  Omar and I were able to sneak off around noon.  We enjoyed cocktails in the sun and lunch at Rutherford Grill, visited two wineries in Yountville (Cliff Lede and Girard), checked into our B&B in St. Helena, stuffed ourselves with steak, grits, asparagus, mac and cheese, and cheddar biscuits at Farmstead (delicious), decided to see the late showing of Hunger Games, and slept in!  Sunday we arrived back to B&R's just in time for the Easter Bunny!  I think you can actually see the Easter Bunny in the third picture...or is that Gypsy?  After the Easter Bunny we had a nice relaxing lunch and afternoon hanging with the Hesters!

Aunt Summer, Uncle Jake, and cousin Gray are headed to San Francisco as I write this!  Hopefully I'll have some fun pictures to share of their visit.

7 month update

I'm late on posting birthday pictures again, but these were taken on Given's 7 month birthday (right after bath time)!

Given's big milestones in March were sitting up on his own and his first tooth!  Given is a really easy baby.  He rarely cries and he loves to sleep.  Ummmm, cutting his first tooth was HARD.  He ran a really high fever and just cried and cried and cried and cried.  Poor little thing (and poor momma and daddy).  He was so uncomfortable.  Also, for the first time since probably he was a month old, he woke up every 2 hours in the night and just wanted to be rocked.  Lets all keep our fingers crossed that the next teeth aren't quite as bad!

Given also loves his soft toys!  And now that I feel comfortable that he is not going to suffocate himself with any of them, we have quite the line up for bedtime - Monsieur Rat (who came all the way from Paris), a giraffe softie (thanks, Kim!), and his lion pacifier (who gets more swung and thrown around than sucked on)!

Oh, don't let these pictures fool you, this was the day after the cutting of the tooth incident.  He was having a happy 10 minutes and I was able to sneak these pictures in.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just a swingin'

Why can't every weekend be like this weekend - sunny and 70 degrees?  We had such beautiful weather, and we took full advantage!  We spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday outside - running, eating, napping, and SWINGING.  We finally had the perfect weather to take Given to the playground, and he loved the swings!  Want to see him in action?  Click here!

Also a highlight of the weekend, getting to wear his Aggie cap for the first time!  Given would like to give a big shout out to Uncle Jake and Uncle Joey who thought he was "doomed" to be a Longhorn!

6 months old

Given is now 6 months old, weighs in at 16 lbs 13 ozs, and is 27 inches long!  Still a string bean!  I actually took these the day of, but am a little late posting them!

If you can't tell, Given's new favorite thing is chewing on his feet!

Besides his feet, Given is now "chewing" on sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, avocado, and pears from his highchair!  Thank you for the highchair, Nana and Jeddi.  Contrary to the last post, he actually has gotten a hang of eating solids and quite enjoys it!  See for yourself.
Last but not least...he is rolling over like a champ.  As soon as he is on the ground, he is on his stomach!  I guess crawling is up next!

Oh, one more milestone - he is starting to sit up on his own!  This has been a busy month!

Do you think he has changed much?  See months one through five here.