Friday, September 30, 2011


I swear I'm going to get those pictures this weekend!  In the meantime...

Given is so in style.  Haven't you heard?  Polka dots are this fall's "must-have"!
Given had his one-month check up this morning!  He is 23 inches long and 10.5 pounds.  We have one tall, healthy boy!

This weekend we have a baptismal prep class, Given's first wine tasting at Ram's Gate in Sonoma, P&H fall release party, and dinner with Aunt Brooke and Uncle Randy in Napa!  I guess I'll be editing and uploading pictures on Sunday!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Month 1 - According to my iPhone

Because uploading pictures and editing takes forever, I thought I would go ahead and post a few pictures from my iPhone.

Given - Month 1 according to my iPhone:
Picture 1 - taken last night during a naked feeding.  It was so hot here in SF and without A/C I wasn't sure how to keep him cool.  Picture 2 - my big boy.  Picture 3 - I guess I should have been napping with the boys as well.  Picture 4 - Given showing cousin Gray how cool he looks in his borrowed onesie!

Also, because I have alot of people ask how Gypsy is doing, I thought I would give you a quick update.
Gypsy is doing really well.  He is not Given's biggest fan, but he is adjusting.  For the most part, he just ignores his new brother, but there are moments when he will go up and sniff him out.  The other day when Given was testing his vocal range, Gypsy started whinning too.  I like to think he was trying to tell me something was wrong.  "Mom, that baby is crying.  Shouldn't you go and do something about that?" 
At first we thought Gypsy would continue to go to work with Omar, but currently we are doing a shared custody situation.  I think Gypsy likes staying home with me.  Every morning we do hour long walks - pictures 1 and 4 are from some of our adventures.  Picture 1 is along the beach near the Golden Gate Bridge and picture 4 is one I took to send to Omar.  Doesn't that look like a big smile on his face?  I think Gypsy enjoys being outside and getting dirty!  Picture 2 is shortly after Given was born.  Poor Gypsy had to go to vet and get all his shots.  While they were there they gave him the "cone of shame" to help a hot spot sore on his paw.  It was a hard week.  Picture 3 was taken right before my doctor's appointment on the 24th.  Little did we know that our lives were about to change!

He Arrived

Although my last post was titled "Catching Up", I now have some serious catching up to do today!  First and foremost - Given Michael Zennadi made his entrance into the world two weeks early on August 25! 

On August 24th I went to my doctor's appointment and was told to go home, pack a suitcase and head to the hospital.  My blood pressure was getter worse, and the doctor thought it would be better to induce now instead of waiting two weeks with the risk that my blood pressure would continue to rise.

We checked into the hospital at 6 pm, and Given took his precious time making his debut at 9:59 pm the following day.  That was a long and hard 28 hours!  I have to say though that Omar was amazing!  I can't imagine going through that again without him.  Best husband and daddy ever.

Fun fact - if Given had been born a minute later, his birthday would have actually been the 26th in Texas.

My next post will be pictures from this last month.  I had been bombarding Facebook with pictures, but I don't want to be one those annoying friends.  I know you guys want to see all these pictures - otherwise you wouldn't be here reading this!