Friday, October 2, 2009

Basic Training SF

My 1st 6 weeks of "boot camp" is up!  I did it, and I survived.  The scale didn't move too much, but I feel great and I've improved so much.  Also, you know how they say exercise gives you more energy - well I wasn't feeling that much until this week!  Just this week I started waking before my alarm clock!  Usually I'm a 2 to 3 time snoozer!  Love it. 

I actually love it so much that Omar and I are signing up for another 5 weeks starting on Monday (4x a week).  If you are looking for a boot camp in San Francisco I highly recommend Basic Training SF.  The trainers are great and very encouraging.  Also, working outside has been so much more pleasurable than hitting the gym for an hour (yawn!).  I'll keep you updated!

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