Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1 Month

My baby is already one month old!  The time has flown by!  Here is Mr. Given at 5 weeks.
 Just for comparison purposes - his 2 day picture can be found here

Month 1 was a crazy adventure!  We have been out and about a lot!  The weather has been beautiful here in SF, so we have been on a lot of walks and outside lunches and glasses of wine (that constitutes getting fresh air, right?!).  We also have had lots of visitors, including Grandma and Grandpa Eoff, Aunt B & Uncle R, Tina, and Justin.  Given is very popular!  Here a few pictures to get us caught up.  My next post will be pictures from this last weekend.
Grandma stayed with us for almost 2 weeks.

Photo op at the Golden Gate Bridge.  I'm saving the picture of Given with Grandma and Grandpa for a special occasion!

Lunch in Napa

Grandpa came too!

I believe Omar is showing off Given's new UT outfit from Nana, not his "guns"!

Given and his giraffe pacifier.

The boys napping.

I wish it was safer to sleep on your tummy!

Given loves to stretch it out!

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