Monday, October 24, 2011


We had such a great weekend!  Not only did we visit a pumpkin patch on Saturday, Given was baptized on Sunday at St. Vincent de Paul's by Father Strange.
Please excuse our sweaty state - as I mentioned in my previous post in was hot this weekend!!  Oh, doesn't Given's giraffe pacifier go perfectly with his beautiful baptismal gown?  The baptism was held during his usual naptime so the pacifier was needed!

This is the best picture I have of Given in his baptismal gown!  He was beautiful.  (If you missed in a previous post, this is the same gown me and my mom wore!)

Aunt Brooke and Uncle Randy were Given's proxy Godparents since Summer and Jake were unable to make it.  We missed them very much!
The only dress I'll ever get to put Given in!  Ha!

This was taken before the baptism!  I told you it was hot!


  1. happy baptism to my sweet godson!
    and that last picture of him on B's lap is so cute!!

  2. Agree with Sum - that last photo is cute. Captures his little personality!