Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miss Me?

Here's a little recap of my last week:

Omar and I made it back from Austin safe and sound.  We had a nice time visiting with Omar's family, eating queso every day, lunching with his grandparents, catching up with Omar's old high school friends at the rehearsal dinner, and eating/dancing at Lisa's wedding.  (Lisa looked beautiful!).  

I don't have many new pictures, but I plan to change that this weekend - Omar's 29th birthday, and the rain is supposed to clear up!

Omar and I went back to bootcamp last night.  Thankfully by that point it wasn't pouring rain!  Jenn kicked our butt - we needed it!!  Love.

I finished Three Cups of Tea last night.  It was a good book, and I am glad that I've read it.  But, would I recommend it?  No.  Too much discussion of the wars, 9/11, politics, and geography.

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