Monday, August 9, 2010

Just You and Me

I had an awesome weekend - great company, yummy food, and some tasty tasty wine!!

Friday:  Dinner with B&R at R&G and some fabulous wine afterwards! (Randy, thanks for the wine - you spoil us!)
Saturday:  spin class / library / pizza at DelaRosa / Inception / cheese and olives at Ottimista / cozy dinner at Chez Chez (Gamine)
Sunday:  coffee and crepes / tons of laundry / checked out the The Brick Yard (new home of the Texas Ex's for football season) / prepared chicken enchilladas and peach salsa chicken for the week (yes, I'm so domestic) / visited the new home of Freesteam (pretty sweet digs) / new North Face for me and my groom / lots of Paris talk / illegal viewing of Sex & the City 2 (if I only I could have Carrie's wardrobe!)

Now I must go workout for the 2nd time today to counter all the food and wine consumed this weekend!  I love my weekends!

And the countdown begins to next Friday afternoon!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like fun! San Francisco is such a neat city! Can't wait to come see you and B&R again. And O too!!