Monday, August 23, 2010

And its back to work

Omar and I have a pretty quiet weekend, which was a nice change from the last month!  Never fear, though!  I still have a few pictures of the highlights!

On Saturday Omar and I decided to head down to Union Square.  I needed to return some pants to Anthro and we needed new sheets bad!  So of course we ended up eating at the top of Macy's, The Cheesecake Factory...and the sun made an appearance!
After lunch and finding some awesome sheets (on sale) we decided to take the trolley to Nook for coffee.  Thankfully there was an available table outside, so we got to enjoy the sun and all the tourists! 
 We knew Sunday was going to be full of chores and Omar needed to work, so after dinner we decided one more cocktail was in order!  Once again we were lucky and got a table outside on Tipsy Pig's porch, right underneath a heater and the twinkly lights!  It was such a beautiful night!

Sunday wasn't quiet as fun as Saturday, but it was still a relaxing and productive day!  We even went to the a farmer's market and got some tasty heirloom tomatoes, figs, grapes, and squash!  Unfortunately Omar had to work most of the afternoon and well in this morning.  Yuck.  I kept myself busying watching Teen Wolf, Kourtney & Kim in Miami, and Up. 

And now its Monday and the temperatures are soaring!  It is actually supposed to be in the 80's - IN SF - for the next 3 days!  Unheard of!  It was really hard coming into work this morning, but I'm looking forward to a long walk/run with Omar and Gypsy this evening.  If only we had a porch to hang out on tonight....maybe I can convince Omar to have dinner on the roof tonight!  I'll take pictures!

And just because I own the cutest dog in the world:

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