Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It just keeps getting better

We had another fabulous weekend!  I love my weekends!  I have so many good pictures that I'm going to have to break this up in two posts.  Shall we start with Friday evening?

Although it took us 2 hours to get to Napa (usually an hour drive), we were so happy to be out of the fog and cold! On the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge the sun came out and the temperature rose from 56 to 78 degrees! Love it.

Just a reminder that you can click on the pictures for a better view.
Of course the first thing the boys do upon our arrival is to throw washers!

And of course the first thing B and I do is relax with a cocktail!

After a round of cocktails and washers, we headed to the Napa County Fair.
Dinner that night consisted of plenty of fair food - fried cheese, corndogs, funnel cake, and beer!  Healthy!

The boys did a little shopping at the booths that were set up.

Jack Ingram was performing - one of the main reasons we went to the fair.  Brooke and I rushed the stage! 

Before we called it a night we had to ride the ferris wheel and play a few

Omar won Gypsy a prize!  (Side note:  We looked for Gypsy's "breeders" but came up empty handed!)

More to come on B's awesome book club luncheon!

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  1. great pics! love the one of B and her cowboy boots!
    i hope Gypsy likes his pink stuffed animal...