Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekends go by too fast!

I could wait for the weekend to be here, and now it's gone.  Here's to another week.  Let's home it's a good one. 

So what did I do this weekend -  Brooke and Paige came to visit me in San Francisco on Saturday.  We got makeovers at Chanel, had lunch at Cheesecake Factory, did some shopping (they both got Tory Burch shoes, but I didn't), and drank too much.  Sunday I had to do a little recooperating, and instead of Tory Burch shoes I got some new Brooks running shoes.  I also found out this weekend that my friend Robyn has been admitted into the hospital.  She is 30 weeks into her pregnancy and her little one, Morgan, is trying to make an early appearance.  Robyn & Morgan have been in our thoughts and prayers all weekend (and Don, too!). 

Happy birthday to Omar's parents.  They share a birthday of November 15th!  We can't wait to be down in Austin to help celebrate birthdays and Thanksgiving with them.  Omar leaves on Friday and I will follow next Tuesday!

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