Sunday, January 29, 2012

This is how we roll...

This is how we rolled through Napa this Saturday!

We heard there was going to be great weather in Napa, so Omar wanted to spend his re-do birthday with the Hesters.  We headed up to Napa after lunch then took a bike ride to the Oxbow Market for a little vino!  The bike Omar is riding is mine and Omar's birthday gift from B&R!  Pretty sweet, right?  Given loved riding with his Daddy.  He was mesmerized by the wheels and the ground moving under him!!  After our bike ride we watched Midnight in Paris over Chinese take-out and a million loads of laundry.  Great movie, yummy food, and laundry without going to the laundromat - a great night!

Again, please don't call CPS if you don't think this looks safe!!!  We are researching baby bike seats.

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