Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday Weekend

This last weekend was Omar's birthday weekend - unfortunately on his big day he was sick!  He thinks it was food poisoning.  Yuck!  We had a great day on Saturday though and he gets to make up for his sick day this weekend!

On Saturday we had lunch at Balboa Cafe where they gave us a chocolate fudge sundae in honor of Omar turning another year older!  After naps we packed up Given in the baby Bjorn and continued celebrating with appetizers and cocktails on the Typsy Pig's back porch with our neighbors and the Hesters!!!  The Typsy Pig is a restaurant/bar, but we totally rocked the baby in the bar portion!  As usual, he was the perfect baby.

A few pictures from our Funday Saturday!

On Sunday Given and I went to Trader Joe's so that Omar could take a nap and try to feel better.  I guess the nap worked a little, because he was able to partake in a little birthday cake!  Oh, and we can't forget that Sunday was Gypsy's birthday as well!  He turned 6 years old!

See Omar's 29th birthday here.  Apparently I was too overcome with morning sickness to post last year. 

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