Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Recap

Wow, what a productive weekend!  Omar and I were go, go, go this weekend.  Here's a quick recap:

 Saturday:  run with Gypsy / primp / baby shower where I got to be photographer / UT football game / primp / Christmas party / champagne and beer / walked home and enjoyed the beautiful night / home and in bed before midnight

Sunday:  The Grove / much needed groceries at Safeway / finally new luggage at Target / caught up with 2.5 Baughmans in Burlingame / drive home in the rain / crazy crowded Trader Joe's for more groceries / camera bag at Best Buy / Omar work / addressing Christmas cards (but still need stamps) / two Lifetime Christmas movies, wine, and the heater / sleep

All this go, go, go didn't leave much time for me to study my camera!

How was your weekend?

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