Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Deck the halls

Dear Diary,

--Omar and I had a wonderful Thanskgiving this year with Omar's family in Austin.  We ate a lot of pie, cake, and queso!  (However, I worked out while I was there and did not gain any weight!)

--Looking for a new vampire book?  Check out the House of Light series.  Omar's mom lent them to me, and they are pretty good.  Think Harry Potter but for vampires....kind of.  Oh, also the Vampire Diaries are pretty good!

 -- My Christmas cards came in last weekend!  Love!  Omar and I are going to start addressing them soon. 

--I found super cute stockings at Cost Plus World Market (plus a bride & groom ornament and champagne for the Christmas party).

--Omar and I got our Christmas tree on Sunday!

--Yesterday was the 1st day of our Advent calendar.  I was so tired after boot camp (it was the coldest night so far) that all I could muster was a rousing rendition of Winter Wonderland.  Tonight we don't have boot camp so Omar and I going to do some Christmas shopping after work and a little more decorating around the house.  I have three extra strands of light that I want to use - either on the Christmas tree or somewhere around the house.  I'm going for a Griswald Christmas this year!

--This weekend is going to be a busy one.  I need to buy all the wine and food for our Christmas party.  And on Saturday I have a baby shower and our first holiday party!

--Like my new shoes?  I hope they come in before my Christmas party!


And yes, I've been super bad lately about taking pictures. I am making it my goal tonight to take pictures of everything and upload them here tomorrow!

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