Monday, October 4, 2010

Wanted and "Needed"

I love my Frye gray boots (best purchase ever),
but it's time for some variety!  I'm in need of a new pair of brown boots.  Specifications include little to no heel, knee height, and wide openings!

Here's my current round up (with the last one in 1st place):

These from Anthro fit the bill!  And those tights are pretty sweet as well!
The Steve Madden's that Kendi wears are pretty cute (and very affordable).
How cute are the bows?!
You can't go wrong with Frye!
Exciting!  Just spotted:  Urban Outfitters online carries the above Frye Paige Tall Riding Boot in a weathered, dark brown.  I like - a lot! 
Suggestions?  Thoughts? 


  1. I like the last one too! Dark brown would be cool. Wish we lived closer and i would borrow those gray boots for awhile!!!

  2. I think bows are awful...but I dig all the others! If I had a place to wear them, I would have already purchased them!

  3. Kelly - for sure! And don't think I wouldn't be raiding your closet!

    Christy - what are you talking about? Once the weather gets a little cooler in Houston, you can wear boots all the time!

  4. When the weather gets colder in Houston, I move further south.