Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm back from New Orleans!  It was such an awesome trip!  I think I probably gained several pounds with all the eating and daiquiris!  It was so fun taking pictures somewhere new, so please bear with me!  I have a lot!  These are from all our daytime adventures.  As soon as my sisters share their photos, I'm share a few of what we did at night and hopefully they have a few group shots too!

Happy birthday, Summer & Joey! Happy 3/4 birthday, Randy! Best birthday celebration ever!!!
Omar, Ashley, Tim, Brooke, and Randy at Acme Oyster House
Boo Fries (gravy & cheese fries) from Acme
Although I won't eat Lucky Dogs, everyone else did!
Omar being a good tourist
Kelly and the birthday boy
You can't go to Nawlins without stopping at Port of Call
Ashley and Tim in the streets of Nawlins
Beignets at Cafe Du Monde
St. Charles Cable Car Ride - worth every penny of the $1.25
Another must have!
Stopped in for a little hair of the dog!


  1. What a great trip that was! Let's do it again!!

  2. How fun! Wish I was there! Miss ya!